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The economic choice for switching to HARRTS Hair Transplant System:
We present to you "The Heart" of HARRTS: Fully Equipped with the following from its Parent Machine:

2 Sets of Automated Extractors
Novel Piston Type Implanters
Android Based Touch Screen Interface
Human Machine Interface (Available only as an additional service at extra cost)
Machine Talk (Available only as an additional service at extra cost)
Data Management System
Local Data Storage
All this at less than half the Cost of the Parent Machine. HARRTS mini: The Smart New Choice of Hair Transplant Surgeons!

HARRTS or Human Assisted Automated Rapid Transplant System, is the World's Fastest, Safest, Least Invasive, Automated,
Most Result Oriented and Most Surgeon Friendly Hair Transplant System available globally.

HARRTS couples both the scoring of the grafts and the extraction into 1 single step thus reducing the time of graft harvestation to less than half.
With provision of four Hand-pieces and 2 Operating Surgeons, as well as the coupled process,
the Machine effectively reduces the time of extraction by around 4 times. The Implantation technique uses Novel patented Suction
Assisted Piston Type Implanters, with its Tweezer Free Manipulation, provides the practitioner with Speed
and Precision in depth control. As such,HARRTS, in an experienced surgeon's hands is a truly best in class hair transplant option for people
willing to get a hair transplant for themselves.

The Patent Awaited Novel technology used for the Punches and the Implanters ensure that there is no trauma to the underlying
tissues or the harvested grafts both while extraction as well as implantation, thus providing the best safety while performing a hair transplant.

Least Invasive:
HARRTS involves no linear incisions, slit or channel opening or human graft manipulation both while extraction as well as implantation,
thereby making the HARRTS Technique the least Invasive method of Hair Transplant.

The Automated Suction of the Grafts both while extraction as well as implantation, the depth control provided in the punches for extraction
and the implanter for implantation, makes HARRTS the most automated and Surgeon Friendly
Hair Transplant Equipment available worldwide. HARRTS can be very easily used even by an inexperienced surgeon who has newly
learnt the Hair Transplant Procedure.

Most Result Oriented:
The least invasiveness and least human manipulation during the entire procedure ensure the best graft quality and survival, thereby providing
the best results after a hair transplant procedure.

Most Surgeon Friendly:
The Automation and The Guided Extraction and Implantation Process of HARRTS, makes HARRTS the easiest to use Hair Transplant System
even for those who are new to the hair transplant field. With guided stopper technology used in HARRTS, the surgeon need not worry
about the depth of scoring or the depth of implantation. This novel technology ensures that there is no scope of human error during
the entire length of the procedure. The surgeon can be rest assured about the uniformity of the extraction and implantation process irrespective
of the changes in angulation and position of the equipment while performing the Hair Transplant.

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