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Weldon History

Weldon Trading Company is based in Kuwait and was established as Kuwait Alfa in 1982. The primary business activities were general trading and construction. In 1989, Kuwait Alfa was reestablished as Weldon Trading Company under the ownership of Dr. Fouad Nicola. Weldon Trading Company's primary activities shifted to the health care industry. Weldon Trading Company expanded operations to nearby countries such as Syria, Egypt, UAE and Lebanon. Weldon Trading Company has grown significantly over the years to have more than 150 personnel currently under employment.

Our Values







Our Vision


We strive to be the market leaders of skincare industry through careful selection of techniques and technologies to provide the highest customer satisfaction for our region’s specific skincare demands. We actively invest to provide the most effective cosmetic products and devices. Our skincare devices offer the latest technology available to the healthcare industry with our primary goal of safety, effectiveness and highest customer satisfaction.